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Acrylic stones for jewellery makingTodays beady thought is really more of a question. I am not sure about these acrylic "stones". They certainly look the part. Instant glam. But at about £1.00 to £1.20 each they are not cheap. They are set in metal mounts which have holes in for threading. We have threaded them on single strands - very quick and easy. They could also be strung on double or maybe even triple strands. I think to do this more stones would be needed per piece, making it quite a bit more expensive. I am in two minds, will probably do a bit of market research first. Your opinion welcome. The colours we have a few of are diamond clear, ruby red, a purple that is a bit more Cadbury than amethyst, a soft green and quite pale pink. So far we have listed a handful in New Products.