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Today I am taking a look at wire wrapping for beginners ( i.e. me). I have only ever dipped a toe in the water, but now feel the urge to dive in. I have found that our 1.5mm aluminium wire is great for beginners. It is very flexible and easy to use.

Wire wrapped pendant

Here are my top tips.

1. Expect to use up quite a bit of practice wire. If you go wrong it is best to start with a fresh piece, as reused ones never look good. However, you should find your pile of waste wire will not grow fast as you will find practice makes perfect.

2. Take care when twisting to twist both pieces equally. Don't have one piece of wire twisiting around the other straight piece.

3. When finishing off squash the end of the wire as flat as you can. This means it will merge in much more easily for a neater finish.

4. Tools to have to hand. Good cutters, flat nosed pliers and a file.